How To Sell With Shopify & Instagram Integration

Why sell on Instagram Shopping? Instagram is the living image of the triumph of the image. Its capacity for inspiration and direct communication with brands makes it a pocket showcase available 24 hours a day.

Each sector is different, but the truth is that Instagram seems to get a greater engagement than Facebook. Irresistible data for any company. Therefore, selling on Instagram Shopping is a great opportunity to reach an audience that shares, above all, visual content.

By reducing the number of steps to purchase, selling with Instagram Shopping simplifies and strengthens the relationship between the company and the customer. Companies that use it have experienced significant increases in traffic and sales, so their entry into Europe seems successful

Requirements and limits.

First of all you must have a company profile and sell physical products. You still can not label services, a matter of time surely.If you do not have your online catalog, urgently consider connecting it with a platform like BigCommerce or Shopify. Remember that authenticity and trust have more and more weight in the digital world. Also count on that your web page will receive more visits, and it will be important that it is optimized for mobile devices, which is from where you can access Instagram.To activate the purchase button you must have created a minimum of 9 posts. Now, you can not label more than five products per post, or twenty per sequence of photos. With these limits, Instagram makes sure not to become a purely commercial platform.

The importance of the tagging.

The Shoppable Posts open a new era, and with them the companies will be able to label a product as if they were labeling a person. They can also do it with an image or with a carousel. Either with isolated posts or with Instagram Stories, the button of an image leads directly to an information page with description, photos, price and a purchase button. All without leaving the application. Courtesy of Shopify, popular eCommerce platform founded in 2004. Without the integration of Shopify and Instagram, this post would not have been written (yet).

Influencers and microinfluencers

We have previously highlighted the advantages of incorporating influencers for marketing campaigns. The number of followers guarantees the visibility of the products, and that can be very useful. And although Instagram Shopping means a more direct contact between a brand and its audience, it does not detract from the role of influencers and microinfluencers.

See, touch and buy

In principle to sell in Instagram Shopping it does not take much more than a community that gives visibility to the catalog of products. But first, it must be clearly defined and correctly labeled. Identify your audience, your activity and your preferences. Only then can you know how to get there.

  • Once identified and segmented you can proceed to create successful Shoppable Posts following these simple steps:
  • Have a company profile. If you do not have it, believe it.
  • Upload an image of the product you want to sell.
  • Wait for the verification of your catalog by Instagram. Only then will you be able to label your products.
  • Choose which products you want to associate with the labels.

This is just a brief guide to take advantage of the launch of a new sales channel. We recommend you take a look at the official Instagram Shopping page so you can see it first-hand. Now, we can not forget that reaching a target audience requires previously a study of segments and analysis of metrics. There is little point in launching campaigns that do not have a clear objective. If you need help to design a sales strategy on Instagram Shopping, do not hesitate to contact us.

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