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DüngSnacks is a company that sells tasty, healthy snack bars. Their products are high in protein, good for gut health, and come in a variety of flavors. They target busy professionals who need a quick, nutritious snack. In addition to providing quality products, DüngSnacks is committed to social responsibility. They donate a portion of all their product sales to Action Against Hunger, a charity tackling child hunger and malnutrition globally.

The primary challenge for DüngSnacks was to increase their brand awareness and sales through social media marketing. They needed to reach a larger audience, engage with potential customers, and driving traffic to their website for increased sales.

We have implemented a social media marketing strategy that included a target audience engagement that identifies and engages their audience on their preferred social media platform running ads effectively.

We made a collaboration with relevant content creators to expand their audience and start promoting their products and highlighting their unique selling points, such as their commitment to gut health and social responsibility. Trennder helped the company launching campaigns encouraging customers to share their User-Generated Content experiences with DüngSnacks products, using specific hashtags.

This successful implementation of the marketing strategies resulted in increased brand awareness, more website visitors, and higher sales. This was measured through metrics such as social media follower growth, engagement rate, web traffic from social accounts, and conversions rates from social accounts. We focused on running ads on Meta as effectible as possible with a reasonable budget to promote their social media channels.

PlumThyme is dedicated to providing a truly sustainable reusable alternative to disposable period products. The mission of PlumThyme is to end period waste and stigma. Their organic reusable pads are made in the USA and used by thousands of menstruating people across the country and internationally.

The challenges that PlumThyme faced regarding their social media marketing and managing their Facebook and Instagram Ads included the lack of connection across platforms and identifying the right one, furthermore they needed to understand their target audience knowing the preferences and behaviors of their customers.

With the constant algorithm changes on Meta Ads, it was challenging to maintain high organic reach with personalized and engaging content, which was difficult to consistently produce.

Knowing the demographics and preferences of the target audience Trennder were able to help in creating content for the company that resonates with their customers. Choosing the right platform allow them to be active on Facebook and Instagram where their target audience spent most of their time. We created content that was engaging and provided value to the audience increasing organic reach.

We increased social media presence for the company gaining more views on their social media posts and increasing traffic to their website, this boosted theirs sales due to higher visibility and engagement on social media by running effective ads strategies.

Wonderplant.com is a unique company dedicated in sharing the beauty secrets of Somali women to the world. The company specializes in plant-based powder, a multipurpose and DIY beauty staple deeply rooted in Somali culture for centuries. WonderPlant.com aims to bring this powerful beauty ingredient, with its rich cultural history, to a global audience. The mission goes beyond skincare, as the company is committed to supporting the local Somali community and economy by sourcing the plant-based powder ethically.

The company faced challenges in driving traffic to their Shopify store and managing their social media marketing, particularly their Facebook and Instagram ads. They struggled with running ad campaigns on channels due to their niche. Running effective ad campaigns on social media posed another challenge, as the cultural context of the product needed to be taken effectively to potential customers.

Trennder implemented a specific social media marketing strategy for Wonderplant.com that utilized TikTok and Facebook on creating engaging content that showcased their brand’s values and story. We also worked with content creators on expanding their audience focusing mainly in UGC highlighting the cultural significance of the plant-based powder. We integrated multiple sales channels, making it easy for customers to discover and purchase the product.

The implemented strategy by Trennder in ads management resulted in a stronger social media presence for the company. This translated into more views, more visitors to their website, and more sales. We were able to increase sales on their Shopify store by delivering a branded customer experience by integrating with multiple sales channels.


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